Printed on: January 22, 2013

Friend shocked by death

By Ruth Brown

Tiffany Pannell, 21, still can't believe one of her best friends is dead.

Pannell, of Rigby, had been friends with Kristy Aschliman for seven years, and the duo attended Idaho Falls High School together. They spoke almost daily.

"She was a faithful friend who had a big heart and was always there for you when you needed her," Pannell said.

Aschliman, 21, was found dead in Ammon on Saturday with multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

Pannell last spoke with Aschliman about two weeks ago and the pair talked about how their personal lives were going.

Pannell said she and Aschliman celebrated their 21st birthdays together last year. Pannell was born April 4, 1991; Aschliman was born April 5, 1991.

Pannell said she did not know of anyone who would want to hurt Aschliman and said the reality of her friend's death still hadn't sunk in.

She said Aschliman loved rap music, having a good time and making other people laugh.

"I cared about her so much and will miss her so much," Pannell said.