Printed on: September 07, 2013

World news briefly

U.S., EU see new hope for Iran talks

VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) -- The European Union and the U.S. are moving closer to resuming international talks with Iran on its disputed nuclear program, buoyed by recent changes in Tehran's leadership, officials said Friday.

"We are ready to come very quickly to talks," said EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who has led negotiations with Iran in recent years over allegations it is seeking to build a nuclear weapons program. "We really want to move now quickly to resolve this."

Hitler bodyguard Misch dies at 96

BERLIN (AP) -- He was Adolf Hitler's devoted bodyguard for most of World War II and the last remaining witness to the Nazi leader's final hours in his Berlin bunker. To the very end, SS Staff Sgt. Rochus Misch was proud of it all.

For years, he accompanied Hitler nearly everywhere he went, sticking by the man he affectionately called "boss" until the dictator and his wife, Eva Braun, killed themselves as defeat at the hands of the Allies drew nearer. The loyal SS officer remained in what he called the "coffin of concrete" for days after Hitler's death, finally escaping as Berlin crumbled around him and the Soviets swarmed in.

Algeria gives parole to ex-Gitmo inmates

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) -- An Algerian judge has put two detainees recently released from the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay under "judicial control," a type of supervised parole.

The men, identified as Nabil Hadjarab and Mutia Sadiq Ahmad Sayyab, were returned to Algeria on Aug. 28 and detained pending interrogation by a prosecutor, which took place Thursday, the state news agency reported, quoting the court of Algiers.

Their treatment follows the pattern for other Algerians released from the prison. Most of the other 13 returned from Guantan-amo so far have been freed.