Printed on: January 02, 2013

Fed up

Received Dec. 20

Well, I have finally reached my saturation point with all the politicians who never pass up an opportunity to attempt to remove my constitutional right to defend myself and my family by banning firearms ownership by the civilian population. So, here is my solution: The minute that happens, we immediately eliminate all armed security around all those politicians who vote in favor of gun control. Also, we make it mandatory for all of these folks to post in bold letters signs around their property stating "This is a gun-free zone." I am very tired of spending billions of tax dollars to defend people who do not have my best interest or the best interest of the country at heart.

Although the tragedy of the children in Connecticut being killed by a nut case with his mother's guns is bad, there seems to be a very selective outrage in the mainstream press. Our government murdered two members of Randy Weaver's family and wanted to finish them all off. That fiasco cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Not being happy with that, the government went to Waco, Texas and incinerated nearly four times as many people as were killed in Connecticut. We will probably never hear the truth about that little mission. I guess my leaders think it is better to be burned by nut cases in our government than to be shot by a nut case not on the government payroll. (Word count: 240)

Thomas Kime