Printed on: November 17, 2012


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Story: 'Opponents speak out against the wind industry'

Date published: Nov. 13, 2012

Reporter: Alex Stuckey

Reader response: I ran those hills as a kid. Earned a couple of Boy Scout merit badges in doing so. Never had to worry about "Others" property. As long as we "Closed the Gate") -- we could fish and hunt those hills. One day I saw a sign that said "Private Property. No Trespassing" and it became contagious. Areas having trees were cut down and houses built. My view and the use of those hills, lost forever.

Hope you get the picture. They -- (New homes) -- ruin my view of what it used to be. Now these home owners are crying about their view and what it use-to-be.

What if that "Calendar" is right? Hummmm. Problems solved.

Keith Nielson