Printed on: January 08, 2013

Armed society

Received Jan. 2

Reading today's paper, the anti-gunners have a school plan: no changes, no guards and 83 million innocent gun owners must give up their firearms -- liberal mass punishment in the name of "public safety."

Let's try:

1. Establish schools that have armed guards and those that don't. Parents decide where their kids go to school. Divide school structures into unarmed and armed if needed.

2. As in Israel, you cannot teach in a guarded school if you are not armed and trained.

3. Guns are carried on the person while in school, not locked up in a safe.

4. Sheriffs deny concealed-gun carry to any public official who is anti-gun, especially judges and school principals. If you feel that strongly, you won't mind. Live your belief.

5. The active shooter response is arrive, call in your entrance and go hunt a killer. No waiting for your union rep or a principal.

6. Learn who is against your right to bear arms. Don't elect them, and never go to their rescue. If children are involved, rescue them, but adopt towards the adults the attitude they want to hamstring you with.

7. Never support any public official in any capacity that will "armed" guard his kids, or money, but not your child the same way, like Obama, Schumer, and Clinton, etc. (Word count: 220)

Henry B. Morton

Idaho Falls