Printed on: January 26, 2013

Peacefully repudiating tyranny

Peter Young
Local columnist

America will not know liberty until its citizens stand up to a government that rules through force, writes Peter Young.

Voluntary adherence to Christian principles helped our young nation grow into the most amazing country the world has ever seen. Religion can be forced, but true faith is a voluntary process that can't be forced on anyone.

Government is strictly force. That's why it should be so limited. Freedom and liberty, two words used often by Americans, are analogous with faith and voluntary association, not force.

Take taxes and education. Voluntary giving is charity, taxes are not. Taxes are extracted through the threat of force. When you donate money, you concern yourself with how the money will be used. With taxes you have no say in the matter. This is why the future of education is in private schools and homeschooling. The donated money is more wisely spent because the recipient has to convince the donor to give.

The same holds true in the economy. Voluntary spending choices made by consumers promote excellence and creativity. They lead to iPods, flat-screen TVs and life-saving medical devices. Government force in the economy leads to waste, corruption and Byzantine regulations that stifle growth and destroy incentive. For instance, the new Obamacare regulation that mandates everyone buy health insurance takes away the incentive for insurance companies to earn your business. They know you have to buy it so why bother improving it. Compare this to the sausage maker; he knows he has to make great-tasting sausage to get you to buy it repeatedly. If consumption of sausage was mandatory think of the ways the sausage maker could cut corners to maximize profit. Makes you sick doesn't it? Wait till you see how sick you'll be on government-mandated health insurance.

But, you may argue, government force is necessary because people refuse to take responsibility. Excellent point. Ever since Adam tried to blame Eve, we've found ways to avoid taking responsibility. This is evident in the push for gun control. Aside from the fact that gun control is unconstitutional, it won't solve anything. That's because the responsibility lies with the shooter not the gun. Gun control would be as effective as Prohibition and the war on poverty and drugs.

The inescapable conclusion is that a society which relies on government force to maintain order is tyrannical. A society that voluntarily controls itself through faith leads to liberty. I'd love an America with more liberty, but it's not going to happen until we take responsibility for our actions and peacefully repudiate tyranny.

Young is a sports broadcaster.