Printed on: November 17, 2012

On humankind

Received Nov. 10

I would like to congratulate Bonita Hilton on her evolved if not somewhat cryptic view of gays serving in the military: "the more the better," she wrote. She went on to insist it was a different issue than gay marriage. Well, yes and no. The hurdles of equality in this society are just as many regardless of which ones you personally advocate. Some insist either because of their religiosity, fear, ignorance or repression (ahem) that it's their prerogative, or duty, to give consent to the authorities to pick and choose the rights of fellow law-abiding citizens.

You let your cards show some with that line: "God does not make gay people. Babies are pure and innocent when they are born." You cast those little self-righteous, innocuous zingers and they are taken for granted by the unsympathetic. Ever consider whom those words hurt? Or is that the point? Imagine being born into a society that regarded the most intimate part of your nature as if it were a disease?

As for the sanctity of marriage argument, it's helpful to remember that up until our recent past the majority of marriages were arranged Prima Nocta pedophiliac livestock transactions. Our western notion of marriage for love's sake is a fairly new one and one we should be proud of. If it were inclusive for all we would be being progressive not just for the sake of being progressive, but as a cool understanding between sympathetic humans. (Word count: 243)

Sharon Hamilton