Printed on: December 29, 2012

Kneejerk reaction

Received Dec. 20

In a typical political fashion, Congress and the president, in order to give the impression they "care more" because of the horrendous tragedy in Connecticut, once again want to tamper with the Second Amendment. This is just a kneejerk reaction to one of several recent tragedies. What our gun control reactionaries in government don't understand is just because an AR-15 style of weapon looks like a military assault rifle ... it is not a military assault rifle. It is a semi-automatic rifle. This means it will fire one bullet for each trigger pull without re-chambering a round via a bolt or lever. A military full automatic assault weapon shoots up to hundreds of rounds by keeping the trigger pulled. There are many traditional looking rifles and shotguns that are also semi-automatic. They cannot ban them all. Some hand guns are semi-automatic also. The president cannot decree a weapons ban, he can only veto or sign whatever gun control bill Congress presents to him. Write, call, e-mail your representatives and clearly tell them banning guns will not lessen gun crimes. It only disarms law-abiding citizens. A rational moral person knows not to kill another human. An irrational person or criminal doesn't care about the rules of society. They want their 15 minutes of fame. Armed citizens aren't victims. All the president's recent news conference did was inspire a dramatic increase in gun sales. (Word count: 232)

Fred Bell