Printed on: January 10, 2013

Good old boys

Received Jan. 4

When you cut off a dog's tail, do you do it an inch at a time or all at once? I was somewhat shocked this morning when I read in the paper that the city had Dale Storer negotiate a deal with Idaho Jet Center at the airport. Doing business with and having his law firm check billing discrepancies is like having the fox watch the henhouse. Why doesn't the city have enough facial hair to cut the ties with Storer and his law firm? Why isn't the City Council trying to recoup the PERSI money they paid in his behalf? The answer is simple -- because they are part of the "Good Ole Boy Club." If the City Council and mayor want to continue to do business with the fox after he has resigned they should all tender their resignations immediately or not seek office again. (Word count: 148)

Tom Griggs

Idaho Falls