Printed on: December 29, 2012

Horrific example

Received Dec. 19

I viewed one of the most horrific examples of our society's acceptance of violence in a basketball game of all things. The Highland versus Skyline game last week was a perfect example of a type of violence our society has come to accept. A Skyline player had just finished completing two three point shots in a row while being guarded by a Highland player. Since he couldn't defend the Skyline player, the Highland player resorted to stopping him in a manner that should have resulted in his arrest or at the very least expulsion from the team and from school.

The Skyline player ran down the court with the Highland player looking over his shoulder to see where he was positioned. When the Skyline player was in the key, the Highland player gave the boy a shot with his elbow inflicting damage to his face and knocking him to the floor. The Skyline player had a concussion and has to be fitted with a device for his two broken teeth.

If the incident had occurred in the parking lot of the school or even in a neighborhood, a charge of assault would have been made. Instead, nothing has been done by the coach of Highland High School or an apology from the boy or his parents. I call upon Coach Frost to suspend the young man who assaulted the Skyline player from the team.

But I doubt you will. (Word count: 238)

Kim Hanson

Idaho Falls