Printed on: October 04, 2012

Something for nothing

Received Sept. 28

To those who are looking for pie in the sky and the utopia promised by President Obama, who like FDR promised "a chicken in every pot," are expecting something for nothing. He has promised the same feel-good messages, given in 2008. Only now he blames others, saying, "I couldn't get it done in four years, I need more time. I promise if you elect me again this time I will get it right, I will take care of you and all will be well. Don't worry about anything."

Don't you really realize how dangerous this philosophy is? Craig Cooper talked about the "Cayman plutocrats" and "raiding pension plans" and that Mitt Romney didn't worry about people when he was at Bain Capital. Oh really? How much do you honestly know about how he has spent his life caring for, helping others and assisting many to find self-esteem and rise to a better station in life? This reminds me of people who only listen to detractors of the LDS church instead of going directly to the source like to get their information correct. Romney is offering a hand up, not a hand out. Then there's Richard Wilde railing on individualism as being a narcissistic virtue and instead extolling the values of collectivism as if one should avoid the former and only embrace the present as the only way to accomplish anything. Without the individual, nothing would get done. If Moses had a collective, the Israelites would still be in Egypt. (Word count: 250)

George Peterson