Printed on: October 04, 2012

Limited information

Received Sept. 28

Until every company that builds or operates a nuclear energy facility (or weapons-building facility) provides and pays for the insurance for the operation and construction, and until taxpayer money no longer is used to underwrite costs of construction, operation, cost over-runs, accidents, repair, delays, waste disposal, etc., nuclear energy is the most expensive form of energy for the ratepayer/taxpayer.

In Idaho, in addition to the above-mentioned corporate welfare, Idaho corporate taxes are "forgiven" or reduced, and cuts in services such as education are used to make up for the loss in taxes.

"Jobs" you repeat? Check out the many jobs that renewable energy projects require. Check out what owners of the Empire State Building in New York are doing. Check out what the former mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson, accomplished when he successfully reduced that city's energy costs. Learn what military base commanders are doing to make each base energy independent by pursuing renewable energy projects.

The information above was not addressed at the 9/21 meeting in front of members of the committee (LINE) which will soon report to Gov. Otter. The ideas of building a nuclear energy facility and of using the INL area to store nuclear waste were. (Word count: 202)

Jean McKay

Idaho Falls