Printed on: December 09, 2012

Thinning blue line

Received Nov. 29

Did I read the story correctly? A longtime Rexburg Police Dog has been retired to the pound? The TV story made it sound kind of ideal. Now that he is old and in need of a warm bed by the fireplace and senior food and his "family" ... you take him to the pound?

How many times has this dog been responsible for a criminal going to jail rather than remaining on the street and yet you send him to the same type of concrete and wire prison as the criminal? Could you look him in the eyes when you left him? How long did he wait, having faith that you would return for him, but you never did? He would have given his life for you and yet you allowed him to languish at the pound for months hoping that someone would take him off your hands now that he has outlived his usefulness. How many times did that dog "have your back" and now you have turned your back on him. Spin it anyway you want, you abandoned him.

The term thin blue line "symbolizes the companionship law enforcement officers all share, a brotherhood like no other." I guess not all support this ideology. A heartfelt thanks to the Idaho Falls officer that stepped forward to offer Sammy some comfort in his old age, although it will never be the same as the family you spent your life with.

The "thin blue line" just got thinner. (Word count: 248)

Andi Elliott