Printed on: February 19, 2014

Trust their gut

Received Feb. 12

As I read through the article about Jeffrey Dunn being sentenced to a life sentence for repeatedly abusing young girls, I was shocked to learn he had been sleeping in the same bed as the girls. What parent allows an outsider to sleep in the same bed as their young children? The victims' mother bears some responsibility for allowing this. What was she thinking? Who told the girls Dunn would go to prison if they told? Was it Dunn or their mother? Was Dunn living with the family? If so, why? I am not condoning Dunn's behavior, but I also believe we parents need to take responsibility for the safety of our children. In reality, we cannot protect them all the time but we can teach them to set limits and to be aware of their surroundings.

We parents need to think about what we do and how we set our children up for abuse. How many of us have told our child, "Do whatever coach (teacher, minister, etc.) tells you to do!" Of course, we want our children to respect authority, but we need to teach them there are limits for everyone. Teach them to trust their gut feeling and honor it when they do. (Word count: 205)


Idaho Falls