Printed on: October 03, 2012

Unions and education

Received Sept. 25

The last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of reading The Community Page paid for by Melaleuca. One thing really bothers me concerning the message is that it's basically an attack on unions and says very little about Props 1, 2 and 3.

In fact, if Melaleuca did the research, it would be discovered that there is no such thing as a union boss, as claimed. As in all unions, the representatives are elected; they work for the members, something the elected officials of this state could take a lesson from.

The ad doesn't mention that teachers receive pay far below national average and budget cuts have really made it difficult to teach. My son is studying out of a 1995 book right now; that is correct, 1995.

I read that Prop 1 would weed out ineffective teachers; why not the superintendents? Idaho ranks 47th in education right now; we were 14th.

There is a reason for unions, strength in unity, something that apparently our state doesn't agree with. By the way, Massachusetts, which has the best education system, also has the strongest union.

With the state of our education system, outdated books, pay cuts, increasing class sizes and the arts and physical education being cut, a million dollars would have really helped out where it was needed. (Word count: 220)

Troy Rider