Printed on: January 02, 2013

Get real

Received Dec. 21

I've been reading the debate about gun control and the soul searching over why these massacres keep happening. We are a funny society. For example, we spend millions to suppress pot smoking, a relatively harmless drug, and give you a ticket if you don't wear a seat belt, all to protect you, and at the same time allow the populace to arm itself with assault weapons that can massacre a dozen people in less than a minute. You could be killed at school, at the movies, shopping, at McDonalds, almost anywhere, anytime. And even if you own one of those assault rifles yourself, what are the chances you will have it with you?

So, now we are going to arm grade-school teachers? That's absurd. And what next, ushers at the movie, retail clerks in the mall? And what are we going to arm them with? Handguns? Would you want to face an insane suicidal person with an assault rifle with a handgun? Get real.

Face the facts. We, who are always encouraging the rest of the world to be like us, need to be like them, like Canada, Britain and Europe, and ban these weapons. The Constitution gave us the right to bear arms, but these kinds of guns didn't exist then, and the only solution to this problem is to ban them. How many innocents have to die before we face the simple truth that they are too dangerous? (Word count: 241)

M.D. Nelson