Printed on: February 08, 2013

Distorted view

Received Jan. 31

In the Jan. 22 issue of the Post Register, Mr. Ed Marohn blasted the National Rifle Association for allegedly being "driven by one thing -- profit." He is wrong. Since it was founded in 1871, the NRA has promoted firearm safety and marksmanship in addition to defending the Second Amendment.

The evidence of that purpose is seen in the following programs, all sponsored by the NRA (this is not a complete list):

First steps pistol course.

Basic rifle course.

Refuse to be a victim; personal protection inside and outside the home.

Hunter safety courses.

P.S. Kudos to Peter Young's article "Peacefully repudiating tyranny" (Jan. 26). This man has a strong dose of common sense, which has been observed in previous articles he has written. Keep up the good work. (Word count: 132)

Bob Huntington