Printed on: November 21, 2012

Above the law?

Received Nov. 9

Well, the elections are over and Jefferson County voters once again re-elected Sheriff Blair Olsen. I supported the write-in candidate, Ryan Brown, who is dedicated to enforcing the law -- all of the law, which is something our current sheriff has refused to do.

So where do we stand? In the primary, Blair defeated his chief deputy, Jeff Poole (whom he fired when Jeff announced his opposition to Blair), by 138 votes. Ryan Brown's candidacy was hampered by the fact that he was a "write-in" and many of the ballots, we're told, had incorrect spelling or folks neglected to blacken the oval or they wrote in Poole's name. Nonetheless, Ryan finished with a respectable 30 percent of the registered voters. These numbers indicate that many of the Jefferson County voters are dissatisfied with Olsen's performance.

Our county commissioners have failed us, Olsen and Dunn are lifelong friends, ISP has a longstanding relationship with Olsen, and the attorney general has yet to step up to the plate. So what avenues are left to those who simply want to know if their sheriff is above the law? (Word count: 185)

Andi Elliott