Printed on: July 24, 2013

Needs and wants

Received July 18

Early in life I learned to separate my needs from my wants. I am trying to understand why the City of Idaho Falls is closing down fire stations and considering a water park at the same time. If this makes sense I fail to see it. I am also wondering what the impact would be on home and business fire insurance should we not have the fire stations where they could be of greatest service.

The water park is considered a luxury and should have that status within the city budget. And if the residents have a voice, please let us vote on the location choice of the water park. I can almost say for certain that the greenbelt would be the last choice with the city population. May I mention that I am very proud of the parks and ball fields in our city? They are beautiful and well maintained and are being utilized by the population, which is good.

Thank you to our city leaders for our park system. (Word count: 171)

Carol Oswald

Idaho Fall