Printed on: November 21, 2012

Where's the coverage?

Received Nov. 11

Today is Veterans Day. Tomorrow (Monday) is the legal holiday with no newspaper. I was excited to see mentions of our veterans. Surely, there would be a front-page story about Idaho veterans, local memorials, recent and past conflicts. But what was on the front page? Wind energy and yet another story about Boy Scouts. I thought that surely there would be something on the front page about it. No. Nothing. In The West, there was a page with an American flag. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and believe it was for Veterans Day. No story. Just a flag. Then, at the very back of Smart Living, there was an article about a family getting closure after the loss of their military son. That's it? That's how we honor our veterans? Couldn't two stories which have been covered ad nauseum been postponed or moved back to give place for the one day of the year when people actually acknowledge the sacrifices made by our military? Couldn't debate and bickering have been passed over for our veterans just for one day?

Nice job, Post Register. (Word count: 186)

Teri Gee

Sugar City