Printed on: October 31, 2013

Other motives

Received Oct. 30

It is unfortunate we find ourselves discussing the videotaping of a public forum instead of the issues addressed during the forum, but nonetheless I am grateful to clarify what occurred. As our forum was the first to occur, I came prepared to film this event. As the readers know, I have a long track-record of videotaping my appearances and posting them so information cannot be misconstrued later. My website shows examples of this.

If you view our most recent forum, you'll see in the opening announcements that videotaping was not addressed. Many candidates were in attendance, including three of the four mayoral candidates. Brian LaPray was adamant that, "At no time did they address the use of videotaping."

It should be noted that, as candidates, we never received any correspondence concerning recordings of any kind. It was only during the second forum for Seat 4 that an announcement was made concerning videoing. My conversation concerning this was brief as I explained that I was posting this public debate for all to see who could not be in attendance. Nothing else was ever said.

The League of Women's Voters regularly posts videos of debates. This was just recently done in Pocatello for the mayor's race.

I find it interesting that Mary Haley took this public rather than approaching me with her concerns. Obviously, there are other motives. But, you can view the debate in its entirety and decide for yourself who understands the issues and who is best for this city. (Word count: 250)

Barbara Dee Ehardt

Idaho Falls