Printed on: May 01, 2013

Need to know

Received April 17

Regarding Mr. Beach's April 13 letter: Do you liberals always adopt a pseudo-intellectual approach in a discussion? I think President Reagan was right when he said: "Liberals seem to know so much. The only problem is that much of what they know, just isn't true."

Here are a few things you need to know:

(1) I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am what you may call an independent religious conservative. (2) Have you ever heard of the Electoral College and how it operates? (3) What is the federal indebtedness now under President Obama? Has it reached $17 trillion yet? While a fraction of that indebtedness can be blamed on President George W. Bush, an even larger fraction can be blamed on Obama.

(4) I know from experience that Christians are among the most compassionate people on earth and have been for many centuries. Our foundation for religious compassion is based on love of God, love of our fellow men and caring for the widows and orphans, etc.

I tried to read your references but my computer doesn't always do what it's told. (Word count: 182)

A.J. Moffat

Idaho Falls