Printed on: September 07, 2013




This week, the Post Register asked readers to tell us about their favorite thing at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. What follows is a sampling of responses:

POSTED: Tuesday


Jesse James Cottam: "My favorite thing about the Eastern Idaho State Fair is the Tiger Ears booth. Those are some of the most delicious things on the planet, and I love every bite of them. Every year I go to the fair, I have to have myself some of those delicious Tiger Ears!"

Dennis Patrick Daile: "It's a place to take your loved ones, to just relax and forget about everyday life for a bit."

Kristi Ker Alvarez: "I love going to the railroad booth! Every year my parents would take us to the fair and us kids were so excited to get the R&R coloring pages and learn about trains! Now it's time for me to take my kids to their booth!"

Crystal Williams Moore: "I enjoy the art of people watching. We have such a diverse population here and being able to see so many out enjoying an event while knowing it is possible this may be the only time you cross each other's path is kind of cool. And some of the outfits people are wearing are wild and crazy! Kudos to them for being unique and kudos to others for not judging them! Eastern Idahoans are the best."

Bekey Danielson: "My favorite thing about the fair is everything! We start at the gate by doing the usual walking the grounds and check out the booths, try out some delicious foods, and see the animals. Every year is different when it comes to events or the carnival and rides, but we still have fun every time."