Printed on: December 09, 2012

Player of the Year

Logan Anderson, Senior Quarterback Madison High School

By Michael Lycklama

Madison High School senior quarterback Logan Anderson stood out in several ways this fall.

He threw for 3,588 yards and 34 touchdowns, more than any quarterback in eastern Idaho on record. His athleticism made him a nightmare once he broke the pocket. And he led Madison and its no-huddle offense to its first state title since 1995.

But the facet of his game that frustrated opposing coaches the most was his cool head under pressure. No matter what happened on the previous play or whatever the game situation, defenses couldn't get under his skin.

"You want a guy like Logan Anderson," Skyline coach Scott Berger said. "Because he's like, 'Meh, whatever. Oh, a guy is open. I'll hit him. If not, I'll make three people miss and run 40 yards.'"

Not even a couple layers of stitches could knock Anderson off stride. Anderson followed through on a throw during the first quarter against Hillcrest and cut his left hand on an opponent's helmet. The gash required five numbing shots and two layers of stitches to repair, and Madison's five-wide receiver spread offense sputtered without him.

But after trainers finished the second layer of stitches, Anderson threw on a glove, returned for the start of the second quarter and resumed picking apart defenses with ease in another blowout.

"As good as they were, if they don't have him, they probably don't win the state title," Hillcrest coach Dwight Richins said. "As good as they were on defense and everything else, you've got to have that trigger puller. He throws such a nice ball. He had big receivers, good receivers. But his balls were right on the spot."

It was that cool, calm demeanor that allowed Madison to all but abandon a traditional running game and send in plays without a huddle. And the coaches allowed Anderson to cycle through all of his options before resorting to perhaps his most lethal weapon -- his legs. While Anderson stands 6-foot-5 and 170 pounds, he was his most dangerous once he tucked the ball away, weaving through defenses for 604 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns.

"He may physically be the most gifted kid I've ever coached," Madison coach Mitch Buck said. "Six-five and fast like that? You can find 6-5 and you can find fast. To put them together, that's pretty unique."

Few of those yards came on designed runs. But Anderson was no flighty quarterback, taking off at the first sign of trouble. With his array of receivers, he only took off when he had to. And he was lethally efficient when he did.

"His strength as a runner was really the icing on the cake for their offense," Idaho Falls coach Chuck Johnson said. "I'm sure his throwing stats were incredible. You add what he did running the ball -- 500 of that was critical, either he extended a drive or picked up a first down.

"With Madison, it was kind of like pick your poison. What are you going to stop? But you can not stop that kid."

Without peer

Madison senior quarterback Logan Anderson blew away the competition, throwing for 902 more yards than Blackfoot's Alonzo Ramos, who finished second in eastern Idaho. And no one else dating back to 2002 (as far back as Post Register records go) has even approached 3,000 yards.

Year Player School Comp. Att. Yards TDs INTs

2012 Logan Anderson Madison 272 416 3,588 34 11

2011 Trae Pilster Blackfoot 139 226 2,424 22 2

2010 Trae Pilster Blackfoot 206 306 2,736 24 11

2009 Riley Sessions Salmon 134 235 2,263 22 14

2008 Riley Sessions Salmon 158 268 2,615 29 9

2007 Chase Monson Blackfoot 116 206 2,177 23 NA

2006 Brett Evans Madison 168 307 2,309 21 8

2005 Caleb Fullmer Madison 168 307 2,095 24 14

2004 Zach Buck Madison 126 223 2,213 30 6

2003 Tyler Leavitt Blackfoot 135 254 2,309 20 17

2002 Regan Buck Madison 134 246 2,248 21 7