Printed on: December 06, 2012

Jumping the gun

Received Dec. 1

In response to Corey Taule's Jeer about the 6,300 Idahoans' desire to secede from the Union, I too am disgusted by the election results. I never wanted Barack Obama in office and want him out as much as the next guy. My concern is that we are jumping the gun about seceding. We are simply not equipped to function as an independent country economically, politically and educationally. If every state in the Union emancipates themselves, then we will be like Europe and need passports and visas to work or travel from state to state. Furthermore, each state is the recipient of X number of federal dollars to fund their social programs and unless each state can fund their own programs on a consistent basis without going broke in the process they will be firmly attached to the federal government dole. The idea of secession is like a brightly wrapped gift with a whole bunch of problems on the inside. We just need to be united as a country and clean out the weed patch in Washington, D.C., and start over. (Word count: 180)

Richard T. DeMott

Idaho Falls