Printed on: November 11, 2012

Kindness prevails

Received Oct. 2

Although I was born and raised in Idaho Falls, I am now the spouse of an active duty military member stationed overseas. While duty separates my immediate family, my toddler son and I are back "home" visiting extended family. Halloween day we made a quick little trip over to the mall to spend some mother/son time strolling around.

To my dismay, my wallet fell out of his stroller as I was loading it into the car. However, this went unnoticed until the following day. When it was discovered missing, I immediately realized what must have happened. I checked with the mall security and was saddened that it had not been turned in. I immediately took the appropriate actions to prevent any worst-case scenarios from occurring. Gut feelings told me somebody had it, but my heart sank that it couldn't be found. Prayers went out that honesty and kindness would prevail.

The following night, as I was preparing for bedtime, the doorbell rang. A man dressed in medical scrubs showed up at my family's home, wallet in hand, not a single thing missing. He said his kid had found it and gave it to him.

I am just beyond grateful that this man took the time to return the property that I unknowingly misplaced. I'm just as grateful that he taught his kid such great values as well. I want this man and his kid to know that good deeds and good people are appreciated in this world today. Thank you. (Word count: 250)

T.M. Martin