Printed on: April 02, 2013

Lack of service

Received March 25

After reading of the commissioners' meeting March 20 to address issues with the Fremont County ambulance, I could not ignore certain quoted statements. Anyone who considers volunteering to be an antiquated culture is clearly someone insecure in their abilities to lead others, unless there is a paycheck involved.

Instead of being a leader who holds himself accountable for the actions of those he leads, he instead makes excuses and places blame on previous leaders. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

As to the others who reportedly expressed confidence in the ambulance service, from where did they get their information to gain such a perspective? I am confident it was not from patients or their families, who either experienced an extremely delayed response to an emergency or witnessed or experienced inadequate emergency care.

Those overseeing these services seem to be more concerned with making themselves feel better rather than the residents of Fremont County. Each person concerned or involved with these matters has a perspective. Perspectives, however, do not change the truth. Hearing about ambulance problems in the newspaper doesn't create a lack of confidence. Bad experiences with the ambulance service does. Diverting public attention to radio communication instead of leadership and personnel issues will not work either.

The time for blaming the past is gone. Fremont County, let's get serious about fixing this before it gets too late. If it's not already too late. (Word count: 232)

Bryan Miller