Printed on: April 02, 2013

A healthy future

Received March 21

I too would like to address the issue of BYU-Idaho students and how they support themselves to gain an education; the key words here are "gain an education."

After a few years, these people will be off the government programs and continue being productive members of society and will contribute 100 or even 1,000 times more than what they are using now for schooling. Their children will have a much greater chance to do the same and also be a strength to their communities.

If you want to get fired up over misuse of these funds, why not look to those right in this valley that are second and third generation for government handouts? These people have no intention of ever getting away from them and are in fact teaching their children the same.

Using this type of funding is not just a BYU-Idaho thing for getting through college. Is not education the key to a healthy future? (Word count: 158)

David Haderlie

Idaho Falls