Printed on: September 13, 2013

National news briefly

Hawaii responds to huge molasses spill

HONOLULU (AP) -- Officials responding to a spill of 1,400 tons of molasses in Hawaii waters plan to let nature clean things up, with boat crews collecting thousands of dead fish to determine the extent of environmental damage.

The crews already have collected about 2,000 dead fish from waters near Honolulu Harbor, and they expect to see more in the coming days and possibly weeks, said Gary Gill, deputy director of the Hawaii Department of Health.

Teen convicted of killing baby gets life

BRUNSWICK, Ga. (AP) -- A Georgia teen convicted of fatally shooting a baby in a stroller was sentenced Thursday to spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole after the grieving

mother asked a judge to punish the gunman for taking "the love of my life."


quise Elkins, 18, stood silent and showed no emotion as he was sentenced in a courtroom less than two weeks after a jury found him guilty of murder in the slaying of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago during a robbery attempt.

The baby was in his stroller and out for a walk with his mother when he was shot between the eyes March 21 in the Georgia coastal city of Brunswick. West, and a younger teenager charged as an accomplice, both testified at trial that Elkins killed the baby after his mother refused to give up her purse.

Bullied 12-year-old girl commits suicide

LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) -- A 12-year-old Florida girl committed suicide after she was bullied online by more than a dozen girls and a sheriff said Thursday that he is investigating whether he can file charges under Florida's new law that covers cyber-bullying.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that Rebecca Ann Sedwick jumped to her death on Monday at an old cement business in Lakeland, a city between Tampa and Orlando. Investigators say the girl was despondent after others had posted hate messages about her online.

Detectives found multiple social media applications where Sedwick was constantly bullied with messages, including "Go kill yourself," and "Why are you still alive?"

Raging fire strikes N.J. boardwalk

SEASIDE PARK, N.J. (AP) -- A massive fire spitting fist-sized embers engulfed dozens of businesses along an iconic Jersey shore boardwalk Thursday, as workers racing to contain the blaze's advance ripped up stretches of walkway only recently replaced in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

The 6-alarm blaze began in a frozen custard stand and quickly spread north into Seaside Heights, the boardwalk town where the MTV series "Jersey Shore" was filmed -- and where the October storm famously plunged a roller coast into the ocean.Egypt emergency laws are extended

CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's interim president on Thursday extended a nationwide state of emergency for two more months, citing continued security concerns, as a senior Egyptian official warned of more terrorist attacks in the wake of a failed assassination attempt against the interior minister and suicide bombings in the Sinai Peninsula.

The nearly month-old state of emergency, which was due to expire within days, preserves greater powers for security forces amid a crackdown on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi and increasing violence by Islamic militants.

It was first declared in mid-August after authorities cleared two protest encampments held by Morsi supporters, unleashing violence that claimed the lives of nearly 1,000 in subsequent days.

Runner-up contests election in Moscow

MOSCOW (AP) -- Opposition activist Alexei Navalny dragged more than 50,000 pages of documents to a Moscow courthouse Thursday to file a lawsuit contesting the results of the city's mayoral election, which he lost to the Kremlin-backed incumbent.

Navalny claims there were violations at the polls and throughout the election campaign. The court will decide within several days whether to accept the case.

Navalny took 27 percent of the vote in Sunday's election against incumbent Sergei Sobyanin's 51 percent. If Sobyanin had taken less than 50 percent, he would have been forced into a runoff against Navalny.

Eight die during Romania flooding

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- Eight people have died and hundreds have been evacuated in remote eastern Romania as torrential rains caused flash flooding, officials reported Thursday.

Authorities said some 700 houses were flooded after 12 villages were hit by a six-hour downfall that began Wednesday evening and equaled the region's average rainfall for two months. Authorities were still searching flooded homes for more possible victims in the region.

Yellow ribbons worn for jailed Cubans

HAVANA (AP) -- Cubans tied yellow ribbons to homes, trees and lampposts across the capital Thursday in an organized mass campaign to press for the return of several espionage agents imprisoned in the U.S. on the 15th anniversary of their arrest.

By using a symbol with deeply held cultural significance for many Americans, the campaign aims to raise support for the so-called Cuban Five in the United States, where the public is largely unaware of their case, even if it's a daily cause celebre in Cuba.

The Five were arrested Sept. 12, 1998, and convicted three years later of spying on U.S. military installations in South Florida.

Prince William ends his military career

LONDON (AP) -- There will be no more perilous military helicopter missions for Prince William in the rugged mountainous terrain of northern Wales.

With the military's announcement Thursday that he has completed the operational phase of his career, Wil-

liam looks free to spend more time with his wife, Kate, and their 2-month-old son, Prince George, while he takes on more royal engagements and charity roles.

William's active military career, a traditional rite of passage for senior royals, lasted more than seven years, first in the Army and then in the Royal Air Force. During his tenure, he piloted a Sea King helicopter in foul weather, helped mountaineers in distress and rescued mariners in the frigid waters of the Irish Sea.