Printed on: September 15, 2013

Response to Brady

Received Sept. 8

In response to Jerry Brady's column linking man-caused global warming to the civil war in Syria, I would point out that according to the United Kingdom Meteorological Office there was effectively no global warming between 1998 and 2013. This is contrary to all the climate models used to predict global warming.

The drought of the 1930s remains much longer and more severe than our current hot summer in the Western United States and Syria. According to The Mail newspaper published in Adelaide, Australia, in 1933, the Muslim Chiefs of Damascus blamed the 1933 drought in Syria on the introduction of yo-yos. The Syrian police confiscated yo-yos in 1933, but the drought remained. In some ways our current climate models are similar to the Syrian yo-yos.

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency in 2012 published a report that documented decreases in carbon dioxide emissions in the United States, Europe and Japan from 2000 to 2011. On the other hand, China increased carbon dioxide emissions by two and half times and India doubled emissions during the same time period. They are responsible for all carbon dioxide increased emissions since 2000. If Jerry wants to campaign for lower carbon dioxide emissions to save the world I suggest he focus his efforts on China and India.

In reality the science behind anthropological climate change is inadequate for expensive public policy prescriptions. Natural climate change science remains very incomplete. More fundamental research into climate is needed.(Word count: 240)

Charles Allen

Idaho Falls