Printed on: November 22, 2012

Global warming hoax

Received Nov. 10

Ike Stiltzman's Nov. 9 letter on meat and climate change was interesting but controversial. The Al Gore/U.N. Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory still dominates the idea that a trace of carbon dioxide and even smaller traces of other so-called greenhouse gases can cause global warming.

If the weather is hot, it was caused by AGW; if the weather is cold, it also is caused by greenhouse gases; if it rains or even if it snows excessively, it was caused by greenhouse gases; when the ocean rises (it doesn't), it is caused by AGW; if the polar bear population is dying out (it isn't), it is caused by AGW. The melting of the arctic ice cap, even though it has been a common event that has been repeated in past history (in the 1920s, for example), is caused by AGW. Tornados and hurricanes are said to be tied to AGW even though they have also been common in past history. According to Gore, just about everything that happens to weather and climate are caused by small traces of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Really? I don't think so. But if you want to be politically correct, the Gore/U.N. global warming hoax is for you. Very little hard science was available to tie the effect of CO2 to the AGW Theory.

Sorry, Ike, but I do like to eat meat sparingly and have no plans to discontinue. And I don't see any tie between AGW and CO2 from the meat industry. (Word count: 249)

A.J. Moffat

Idaho Falls