Printed on: January 22, 2013

Idaho Elite, Mighty Tucks compete in Rexburg


Idaho Elite Gymnasts split their forces over the weekend with some gymnasts attending the Yellowstone Challenge, hosted by Rexburg's Mad-ison Gymnastics and others flying to to Las Vegas to attend Brown's Gymnastics Lady Luck Invitational.

Yellowstone Challenge Results

Level 9: Fancee Neilson won the all-around (32.1), floor (9.0) and bars (7.65) and placed second on vault (8.45) and beam (7.0); Sage Rindfleisch placed second all-around (30.9), won vault (9.0) and beam (8.1) and finished second on floor (8.4).

Level 8: Jennifer Branagan won the all-around (34.3), floor (9.55) and beam (8.5) and finished fourth on bars (8.35) and vault (7.9).

Level 6: Emily Biddulph placed third all-around (33.3), won floor (9.15), placed second on beam (8.3), third on vault (8.95) and sixth on bars (6.9).

Level 5: Grace Winters won the all-around (33.9), vault (8.675) and floor (8.6), placed second on beam (8.4) and third on bars (8.225); Reese Callahan won the all-around (33.25), bars (8.575) and beam (7.9), and placed second on vault (8.675) and floor (8.1); Saydee Arave placed sixth all-around (31.85), fourth on floor (8.25) and beam (8.05), sixth on bars (7.75) and ninth on vault (7.8).

Level 4: Brinley Lance placed second all around (34.15), won vault (9.425), and finished third on floor (8.5), bars (8.375) and beam (7.85); Lilly Butterfield placed third all-around (33.525), second on vault (9.125) and floor (8.625), third on beam (7.85) and fourth on bars (7.925); Rheanna Becker placed fourth all-around (31.30), third on vault (9.3) and floor (8.2) and fourth on beam (7.15) and bars (6.65).

Lady Luck Invitational Results

Level 10: Madison Ward placed third all-around (35.65), won floor (9.5), placed second on vault (9.45), fourth on beam (8.6) and eighth on bars (8.1); Madyson Blake placed fourth all-around (34.95), won vault (9.2), placed second on floor (9.375), and seventh on bars (8.25) and beam (8.125); Brittany Johnson finished ninth all-around (33.0), placed sixth on beam (8.05), eighth on bars (8.1), ninth on vault (8.65) and tenth on floor (8.2).

Level 8: Sadie Livingston placed ninth all-around (33.225), eighth on bars (8.5), ninth on floor (8.85), tenth on beam (8.275) and twelfth on vault (7.6); Jensen Stenquist placed ninth all-around (31.775), sixth on floor (8.95), seventh on beam (7.9), ninth on bars (6.825) and tenth on vault (8.1).

Level 7: Scores not available

Level 6: Allie Bruggeman placed tenth all-around (33.8), ninth on beam (8.95), tenth on floor (8.925) and vault (8.625) and thirteenth on bars (7.3); Mackenzie Burr placed eleventh all-around (33.475), eighth on floor (9.125), ninth on bars (7.9), twelfth on beam (8.25) and thirteenth on vault (8.2); Isabelle McJunkin placed twelfth all-around (32.8), seventh on beam (9.025), eleventh on bars (7.45), thirteenth in floor (8.225) and fourteenth on vault (8.1); Kayleigh Clements placed thirteenth all-around (32.625), twelfth on floor (8.875), vault (8.4), bars (7.35) and thirteenth on beam (8.0).

Level 5: Scores not available

Level 4: Taylor Ramsey placed twelfth all-around (34.05), seventh on bars (9.15), thirteenth on vault (8.9) and floor (8.25) and fourteenth on beam (7.75); Meriden Burr placed thirteenth all-around (32.2), ninth on beam (8.425), thirteenth on bars (7.6) and fourteenth on vault (8.3) and floor (7.875).

The Idaho Falls Training Center (IFTC) competitive gymnastics team, The Mighty Tucks, had a strong performance at the Yellowstone Challenge in Rexburg this past weekend.

Twelve of the Mighty Tucks competed, and all-around winners include Natalee Anderson, Jazmyn Tucker, Chelsea Clark, Alexandria Lacroix and Kelsey Cardenas all took home gold medals in the All Around. Tucker put in a dominating performance sweeping all events in her level and age division while scoring a 36.600 in the All Around.

Yellowstone Challenge Results

Level 4: Jazmyn Tucker VT-9.550 (1st), UB-9.200 (1st), BB-8.800 (1st), FX-9.050 (1st), AA-36.600 (1st); Natalie Anderson VT-9.300 (2nd), UB-9.050 (2nd), BB-8.700 (1st), FX-9.300 (2nd), AA-36.350 (1st); Ashlyn Johnson VT-9.100 (7th), UB-8.400 (5th), BB-8.700 (2nd), FX-9.075 (3rd), AA-35.275 (3rd).

Level 5: Alexandria Lacroix VT-8.825 (1st), UB-8.675 (2nd), BB-9.350 (1st), FX-9.450 (1st), AA-36.300 (1st); Ashley Lathrop VT-8.725 (3rd), UB-8.550 (3rd), BB-8.050 (3rd), FX-8.375 (2nd), AA-33.700(3rd); Anna Butikofer VT-8.550 (3rd), UB-7.950 (3rd), BB-8.400 (1st), FX-8.150 (2nd), AA-33.050 (3rd); Peyten Harris VT-8.000 (5th), UB-6.050 (5th), BB-7.750 (3rd), FX-8.750 (2nd), AA-30.550 (5th); Allison Hodder VT-8.200 (6th), UB-7.025 (7th), BB-7.200 (8th), FX-7.400 (8th), AA-29.825 (8th).

Level 6: Kelsey Cardenas VT-9.750 (1st), UB-7.750 (2nd), BB-8.900 (1st), FX-8.700 (2nd), AA-35.125 (1st); Tayla Saunders VT-8.875 (3rd), UB-7.650 (3rd), BB-9.100 (1st), FX-7.500 (6th), AA-33.125 (2nd); Alyssa Anderson VT-8.800 (6th), UB-3.200 (7th), BB-7.800 (4th), FX-7.850 (6th), AA-27.650 (7th).