Printed on: November 19, 2013

Dear Uncle Charlie

Received Nov. 12

I've been thinking about conditions we're living in now and how you are probably unaware since you cleared this old earth for another sphere. I want you to know what you've missed in the last 100 years.

I'm sure you remember how, in your day, lies were rarely told and never by someone in a position of trust, like a person holding public office. What's happening now would break your heart.

Remember how the family doctor made you well then said: "Pay me a little when you can." Now, the doctors and insurance companies may be fighting over who gets your house.

They now have wonder drugs that will cure anything. But we can't sign up for some unless we own a bank. They do have a plan for us lesser folks, they will give you enough to keep you alive, so you can pay as much as you can for as long as you can. Then you donate your body to science so they can see if it did any good.

You remember when, if you had a good milk cow, a few chickens and pigs, you were set for retirement? Well, some whiz with numbers came up with a simple plan to provide for us all in our old age, for just a few pennies a day. To say it hasn't worked is a monumental understatement.

Well Charlie, I'll pass along any more tidbits as I get motivated. Hope this letter finds you out of trouble and sober. (Word count: 250)


Idaho Falls