Printed on: November 26, 2013

A clarification

Received Nov. 20

I feel it necessary to clarify Doyle Beck's continued assertion that fueling at the airport represents, "conservatively," a $10 million annual income source.

He quotes a report I filed with the city, showing that we delivered 2,388,719 gallons of fuel in 2012. He then uses the current posted retail JetA price of $5.50/gallon to come up with "$13,137,954 for 2012."

The referenced report shows that, of the total gallons, 76 percent (1,815,068 gallons) represent airline fuel. The airlines purchase their fuel directly from the oil refiners, not from Aero Mark. We receive a service fee to pump airline fuel which is measured in pennies per gallon not dollars. Whoa, there goes well over $9 million of the $13 million he claims.

Of the remaining 573,851 gallons (from 2012), a substantial amount was delivered under contract at somewhat less than posted retail, or otherwise discounted to regular customers.

And these figures (2012) were in a year when the total gallons pumped was more than 20 percent higher than average for the past five years.

Also Doyle repeatedly refers to a $65,550 "taxpayer-paid" subsidy. The IFRA is funded by airport user fees and receives no money from the city's general fund.

If Doyle really believes what he asks the readers to believe, a bit more homework might be in order before opening his own FBO. (Word count 223)


Idaho Falls