Printed on: July 26, 2013

'Space Van' expected to land in Idaho Falls

Folk rock band Farewell Drifters to play at Vino Rosso in Idaho Falls


During the past three years, the Farewell Drifters have traveled 100,000 miles in a vehicle they call "The Space Van."

The Nashville, Tenn.-based group, which has toured the country since forming in 2007, will make an Aug. 3 stop at Vino Rosso in Idaho Falls.

Members of the band are mandolin player Joshua Britt, lead singer Zach Bevill, lead guitarist Clayton Britt, violinist Christian Sedelmyer and bassist Dean Marold.

Bevill said the group draws its sound from '60s groups and musicians such as the Beach Boys, Byrds and Bob Dylan.

Folk rock has been a particular influence.

"It just feels good. I don't know. It always sounds warm. It always feels like folk rock. That kind of music is pushing forward and innovative, but it's tied to some kind of musical tradition," Bevill said.

The group will release an album in the fall, "Tomorrow Forever." It includes a song called "Come Home" -- a piece about musicians adjusting to life when not traveling.

"When you're on the road, we go on long tours. We'll be gone for four or five weeks at a time," Bevill said. "Then when we go home, it's weird. You get used to living in a van with four other dudes, and sleeping in strange places. So, coming back to some kind of domesticated life isn't always the smoothest transition."

Jewly Hight from the music publication Nashville Scene said the group's performances stick out because of the vocals.

"As far as performance goes, it's not the playing -- whatever the instrumentation and however polished it's become -- that really makes the band," Hight wrote. "It's the singing, something all five of them participate in."

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Farewell Drifters

Where: Vino Rosso, 439 A St., Idaho Falls

When: 9 p.m. Aug. 3

Admission: Free