Printed on: October 31, 2013

Parry, Casper lead in cash race


Idaho Falls mayoral candidates Rebecca Casper and Sharon Parry continued to financially outpace their opponents as the second round of campaign finance reports became available to the public Tuesday.

Parry, who leads Casper, Brian LaPray and Tim Downs in campaign contributions, reported collecting more than $30,100 in total contributions to date. That includes a $10,000 self-funded contribution filed in September.

Casper is a close second, hauling in more than $28,900 to date, followed by LaPray and Downs at more than $4,800 and $4,300, respectively.

Casper collected the most contributions in the second filing period, though, with more than $9,700 from 47 individual donors. The second filing period for candidates was between Sept. 30 and Oct. 20.

Parry collected about $5,300 from 22 donors, and LaPray reported $1,850 in contributions from seven individuals during the same period. Downs collected $445 from five people.

The reports also indicate how much money, after reported expenditures, each candidate might have to work with if a runoff election were to occur Dec. 3.

Casper had an ending cash balance of more than $11,100, and Parry had more than $5,800 after expenditures. LaPray and Downs had about $300 and $1,950, respectively.

Candidates can also take in contributions up until the election, with one stipulation that if a candidate receives a $1,000 contribution or more between Oct. 21 and Saturday, the candidate must report the contribution to the city clerk's office within 48 hours of the donation.

For City Council Seat 2, Dee Whittier reported total contributions of $6,800 while Paul Menser reported $1,200. Their opponents, Jill Peterson and Alfred Higley, have not filed their second-period reports.

In the Seat 4 race, Ed Marohn outpaced opponents by collecting about $11,000 to date. Evan Bastow collected $6,175 and Jilene Burger reported $1,950 in contributions.

Incumbent Karen Cornwell collected $4,125 in the Seat 6 race against challenger Barbara Ehardt, who collected more than $8,760. A third candidate in that race, Ryan Z. Davis, failed to remove himself from the ballot in time for the election and is not actively seeking the position.

A 30-day post-general election report for mayoral and City Council candidates is due Dec. 5 and a final comprehensive report is due Jan. 31.

Reporter Christina Lords can be reached at 542-6762.