Printed on: December 09, 2012

Applicants for grant being sought

$25,000 available from the William McKinley Simpson fund


Last year, Post Register readers donated more than $92,000 to the Goodfellow Fund, which was distributed to three local charities.

The Post Register also had the honor of handing out an additional $25,000 to seven other organizations from a fund created from the estate of William McKinley Simpson. We will do the same this year.

Last year, the Simpson Fund made the following donations:

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center, $7,000

The Haven Shelter, $7,000

Help Inc., $5,000

The Shepherd's Inn, $2,000

Community Outreach Center, $2,000

FreeMeds, $2,000.

A committee of Post Register employees and managers will work with consultants from the community to give out $25,000 between now and the end of January. The maximum contribution to a single group will be $10,000. We're seeking applications from qualifying organizations. To qualify, an organization must:

Have a current IRS status of 501(c)(3).

Provide all of its assistance to people in eastern Idaho.

Have a track record of good management and efficient operation.

To apply, prepare a one-page letter providing a brief history of the organization and a summary of how a one-time donation of up to $10,000 would be used. Include a copy of the organization's most recent financial report and documentation of its 501(c)(3) status. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 30.

We know $25,000 won't change the world, but it will help at a time when the need clearly is outstripping the resources available.

Send your application by email to, and put in the reference line "William M. Simpson Fund." Or, mail the application to:

William M. Simpson Fund

c/o Bonnie Hansen

Post Register

333 Northgate Mile

Idaho Falls, ID 83403.