Printed on: April 22, 2014

Dubbing for our vets

High school students 'happy' to raise money


Hillcrest High School students are raising money and having a little fun in the process.

The high school's 1,600 students danced, shook and paraded through the school hallways Monday in the filming of their first all-school lip dub -- a popular music video form combining lip synching with audio dubbing. The students dubbed along to Pharrell William's hit single, "Happy."

"We thought doing a lip dub with the whole school would be a good way to bring everyone together and unite us," senior Ryley Nelson said. "At Hillcrest, we try to make sure everyone's happy and everyone's welcome here. We really try to unite everyone and make sure everyone's involved."

The event was orchestrated by the high school's student council members who hope that, once uploaded, the video will help spread the word online and through social media for their community fundraiser happening through May 1. The high school is holding the KnightHouse Charity Drive fundraiser with proceeds to be donated to the Veterans Assistance Fund. Student Body President senior Tyler Wyman said the fund, sponsored by the Military Affairs Committee, is a local nonprofit that helps veterans.

The lip dub is one of several activities planned for the community fundraiser.

Others include a car wash, a dodge ball tournament and lunchtime fun such as a "kiss a goat" event, a piata smash, a "duct tape a teacher" event and a bake sale. Activities are led by student council, members of the high school's clubs, sports teams and cheerleaders.

"A big part of this is to bring attention to the cause," Wyman said. "It's really one big school effort. We've made it a club thing, a sports thing and eventually we're hoping to reach out the community. There are veterans in our community who have served us and we think it's time for us to serve."