Printed on: December 09, 2012


Mountain View Hospital

All are from Idaho Falls unless otherwise listed.

Nov. 28

A son, Dean Francis, born to Sean Montague and Kristina Loop.

A daughter, Alexus Clair, born to Ashley Petersen and Oscar Garcia.

A son, Hunter Lloyd, born to Trevor and Chantell Tolman.

A daughter, Hannah Elizabeth, born to Brad and Brittany Brower.

A daughter, Janey Amaly, born to Seth Cruz and Laura Miramontes.

A son, Colston D., born to Brian and Britini Bingham of Blackfoot.

Nov. 29

A son, Robert William, born to Don and Kristi Lords of Rexburg.

A son, Karter Dee, born to Courtney Shelley and Shawn Lamb.

A daughter, Cambree Karen, born to Aaron and Brittany Torgerson of Grant.

A daughter, Charlotte, born to Mark and Kristina Beck.

Nov. 30

A daughter, Samantha Jane, born to Bruce and Audra Powell.

Dec. 2

A daughter, Mary Ellen, born to Dusty and Melanie Allen of Rigby.

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

All are from Idaho Falls unless otherwise listed.

Nov. 27

A son, Levon Robert, born to Lake Levon Linney and Jessica Ann Smith.

A daughter, Presley Jade, born to Kimberly and Jonathan Zwygart of Ammon.

A daughter, Kaylie, born to Michael and Becky Robertson of Firth.

Nov. 28

A son, Ayden Timothy, born to Tim and Michelle Haycock.

A son, Jensen James, born to Byron and Nacole Wilkinson of Ririe.

Nov. 29

A daughter, Kinzlee Sutton, born to Jason and Heather Nulph of Shelley.

A son, Eli Parker, born to Preston and Dannette Groom of Ammon.

Nov. 30

A son, Brock Mason, born to Jordan and Elena Koslosky.

A son, Ryan, born to Jon and Hilary Saunders.

A daughter, Brennley K., born to Lyndi Betty and Cody Collette.

Dec. 1

A daughter, Andelyne Jan, born to Ryan and Zenica Sanford.