Printed on: May 16, 2013


Manuel Humberto Chavez, 27, and Juana Adriana Pacheco, 20, Firth

Emily Suzanne Lee, 37, Idaho Falls, and Kim Lavon Peterson, 42, Pocatello

Danny O'Connor Lynch, 50, and Kathryn Jean Kuppinger, 50

Shad Rian Dunthorn, 22, Ammon, and Sunnie Rae McNamara, 20, Iona

Megan Ann Davis, 18, Idaho Falls, and Colby Joseph Tidwell, 21, Rigby

Brandon Mark Winberg, 25, and Heather Lynn Bradley, 25, Shelley

Curtis D. Sorensen, 24, Idaho Falls, and Kelsey Anne Mecham, 22, Shelley

Daniel Todd Oullette, 28, and Tiffany Marie Kuzmich, 24, Ririe

Trevor Andrew Rice, 23, and Kendall Pyper, 24

Andy Clifford Meyer, 24, and Maddelina McKenzie Ovard, 22

Don Ray Otteson, 39, and Shelly Dawn Allaway, 46

Mitchell P. Moor, 33, and Danielle L. Rice, 26

David Allen Hansen, 40, and Jennifer Howell, 37

Brian Kim Andreasen, 39, and Kathryn Ann Wright, 35, Shelley

Christopher Kellen Smout, 30, and Mary Ann Stutz, 22

Cody Paul Gray, 20, and Kristie Jo Reid, 21, Shelley

Raul Cruz-Susano, 43, and Karen Marie Adams, 46, Iona

Kevin R. Izatt, 27, and Lana Lee MacDonald, 28, Laramie, Wyo.

Zachary Andrew Park, 21, Idaho Falls, and Alicia Mae Rojas, 22, Ammon

Brandon Gene Hillman, 18, and Miranda Rabecca Moore, 19

Brandon Earl Stewart, 23, Idaho Falls, and Jeneal Holly Brower, 20, Rexburg

Megan Lyn Buchanan, 30, Idaho Falls, and Michael James Maloney, 32, Rigby

Jordan Thomas Job, 21, and Tearsa Rae Thomas, 21

Kimberly Pett, 21, Idaho Falls, and Derek K. Howard, 29, Fruitland