Printed on: March 24, 2013


Editor's Note: Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center no longer provides birth announcements. If you would like a birth announcement published, email calendars@ or call 542-6781.

Mountain View Hospital

All are from Idaho Falls unless otherwise listed.

March 12

A daughter, Quinn Reese, born to Clint and Riley Merrill of St. Anthony.

A daughter, Kelsey Lucille, born to Vince and Becky Moats.

March 13

A daughter, Kattlia Anadi, born to Erika Denice Pureco Bermudez.

A daughter, Dallas Jo, born to Martin and Shalease Juarez.

A daughter, Brielle Eilene, born to Steve and Leslie Call.

A son, Henry Paul, born to Jason and Alicia Andrus of Ammon.

March 14

A daughter, BryndiLynn Leigh, born to Bridgette and Bryan Thompson.

A daughter, Whitlee Anne, born to Landan and Kylee Weekes.

A daughter, Hayleigh Monroe, born to Sam and Tabitha Keller.

March 15

A daughter, Trinley Nadine, born to Robert G. and Holly Tincher of Shelley.

A son, Joshua Dayson, born to David Boza and M. Laura Winders.

A daughter, Sadie Jane, born to Leisa Halkar and David Hunter.

A son, Santiago Azael, born to Santiago and Maria Anguiano.

March 16

A daughter, Evelynn Ruby, born to Chelsey and Morgan Manship.

A son, Maverick Jay, born to Kelsi and Taylor Petersen.

March 17

A daughter, Ember Ett, born to Alan and Megan Holm.

A daughter, KayLeena Yvonne, born to Crystal and Justin Peterslie.

March 18

A daughter, Emmie Elaine, born to Kenton and Danyelle Johnson of Rexburg.

A daughter, Maylie Kate, born to Jeff and Katie Peterson.