Printed on: November 11, 2012


Mountain View Hospital

All are from Idaho Falls unless otherwise listed.

Oct. 28

A son, Christopher Carl, born to James Cadwell and NiKeyia LaCount of Rigby.

Oct. 29

A daughter, Paisley Mae, born to Michael and Shasta Hansen.

Oct. 30

A daughter, Olivia Autumn, born to Devon and Ronnie Kerbs of Shelley.

A son, Max Allen, born to Casey and Brianna Wheeler.

A son, Cooper Michael, born to Brandon and Hailey Burton.

Oct. 31

A daughter, Oaklee Gene, born to Kevin and Erika Law.

A daughter, Natalia Millie, born to Oscar and Karen Garcia of Shelley.

A son, Jack Brandon, born to Brandon and Dani Falter of Blackfoot.

Nov. 1

A daughter, Nicole Sarah, born to David and Lillian Tolman.

A son, Roman Jax, born to Chrissy and Adam Slavens.

A daughter, Hayleigh Nichole, born to Krista Wuober and Steve Moreau.

Nov. 2

A son, Kylan David Michael, born to Randy and Nickie Wiersma.

A son, Harley Dee, born to Sheryl Robertson and John Gentry of Mackay.

A son, Peter Knox Bagley, born to Andrew and Candice Rail of Rexburg.

Nov. 4

A daughter, Elly Eileen, born to Courtney and DJ Collette.

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

All are from Idaho Falls unless otherwise listed.

Oct. 25

A daughter, Madelyn Shanae, born to Frank and Brittany White.

Oct. 30

A son, Jakobi Jess, born to Aaron and Kellie Keeler.

Oct. 31

A daughter, Kennassie Elizabeth, born to Shaylee Elizabeth Kennelly and Nathan Rick Quinton.

A daughter, Elisabeth Kay, born to Jared Kay and Reena Anne Lyon.

Nov. 1

A daughter, Ashlynn ShyAnn, born to Krystal Bird and Andrew Bassett.

A daughter, Haydin Lee, born to Brittney and Ernie Lewis.

Nov. 3

A daughter, Ella Marie, born to Joshua and Carolyn Perez.

Nov. 4

A son, Logan Scott, born to Ryan and Kolene Blatter.

A son, Mateo deJose, born to Nikita and Jose Valdovinos.

Nov. 5

A daughter, Kennedy Jean, born to Aaron and Gennelle Taylor.