Printed on: July 24, 2013

CSI offers more gen-ed classes at EITC


The College of Southern Idaho will continue its partnership with Eastern Idaho Technical College this fall to bolster general education course offerings in the Idaho Falls area.

Starting Aug. 26, CSI will offer seven general education core courses at EITC: Biology 1, Introduction to Law and Justice, Principles of Microeconomics, Western Civilization, College Algebra, Music Appreciation and Ethics.

"EITC offers mostly technical courses, but doesn't offer many core classes ... (because) that isn't their mission," said Elaine Bryant , CSI North Side Center director. "We are offering the courses ... to give students more opportunity to get core credits close to home."

EITC has a limited selection of core classes such as English and communication. The partnership allows eastern Idaho residents more options to get core credits in social sciences, humanities, science and math without leaving town.

CSI has offered a limited number of core courses at EITC since spring semester 2012. But enrollment in many courses was low, causing several classes to be canceled.

This year, CSI enrollment has increased. About 50 students were enrolled in eight classes during spring semester, and 16 students are enrolled in two summer science classes.

"Over the course of four semesters, first- and second-year college students can earn up to 36 general education credits in math, social science, humanities and science without leaving Idaho Falls and pay far less for them," CSI Instructional Dean Cindy Bond said in a news release.

Students can register for classes through Aug. 30. The semester begins Aug. 26. To register, contact Bryant at 732-6461 or at, or visit

All of the CSI courses will transfer as general education credits to Idaho's state universities. The CSI courses are significantly cheaper than their university counterparts. All of the new courses cost $110 per credit hour. Similar coursework at state universities runs from $200 to $300 per credit hour.

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