Printed on: November 21, 2012

Ammon to improve city-owned property


Ammon residents with ideas about improving a small chunk of city-owned property are encouraged to contact City Council members.

The city owns 2 acres of unused property, part of a 3-acre site where a pump house is located on the corner of East 21st Street and Scenic Drive. Traditionally, the city landscapes around pump houses.

Since the pump house property is larger than most, council members are encouraging residents to email suggestions on how best to put the land to use.

"We will work with people," City Administrator Ron Folsom said. "We could have a community garden if somebody wants to put it together. People might say, 'We want a project,' or, 'We want to build something.' "

The city doesn't plan to sell the property and likely will maintain the site if a project is selected, Folsom said.

Ammon residents can submit their ideas at tinyurl .com/ammoncontact.