Printed on: May 01, 2013

Bomb found in Rigby landfill


A military-grade explosive device was found Tuesday at the Circular Butte Landfill in Jefferson County.

The "funny-looking" device was discovered by a county employee, who contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. The Bonneville County Sheriff's bomb squad assisted with removing and securing the device.

Jefferson County Sheriff's officials refused to reveal what type of explosive was found. A news release identified the explosive as "old discarded military memorabilia from an old garage or basement."

A picture accompanying the news release showed a small, black rectangular device wrapped in plastic labeled Charge Demolition M112. The Global Security military database identifies Charge Demolition M112 as a common C4 explosive still in use today by the U.S. military.

Due to the military-grade nature of the device, officials from Mountain Home Air Force Base will arrive today to dispose of the explosive.

Nate Sunderland can be reached at 542-6763.