Talking up climbing a Cascade volcano

Naomi Painter Hoffman, of Beaverton, Ore., pauses a few dozen yards from the summit of Mount Hood in Oregon to catch her breath during a successful climb of the famous Cascade volcano in 2011. (Jerry Painter photo)

One of the positive things that came out of attending my father’s funeral last weekend was the gathering of family, many of whom I haven’t seen in years.

Feeling like an old goat

A mountain goat stands high on the cliff walls along the Palisades Creek Trail during the spring of 2017. There were goats in the same area on Saturday, but the absent-minded columnist left his camera behind. (Jerry Painter photo)

I dug through my pack Saturday looking for my camera — I knew it was in there — but couldn’t find it. There was a mountain goat sitting high on a ledge watching the hikers go by along the Palisades Creek Trail. I found my camera later that day in a bag I’d packed but left behind. Oh well.



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