BOISE  — Six Constitution Party presidential candidates will meet in Boise for a debate on Saturday.

The debate will start at 1:30 p.m. in the Teton Room of the Library! at Hillcrest, 5246 West Overland Road.

J.R. Myers of Montana, Don Grundmann of California, Dan Cummings of Utah, Don Blankenship of West Virginia and Samm Tittle and Charles Kraut, both of Virginia, will take part, according to a news release from the party.

The socially and fiscally conservative Constitution Party is one of four — the others being the Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians — that has automatic ballot access in Idaho. Along with the Democrats and Republicans, the Constitution Party is taking part in the March 10 presidential primary. The primary will be open to registered party members as well as unaffiliated voters who request a Constitution Party ballot at the polls.

Myers was the party's vice presidential nominee on the 2016 ballot in Idaho — the Idaho party ran Scott Copeland for president and Myers for vice president instead of the national Darrell Castle/Scott Bradley ticket. The coal executive Blankenship is probably best known for going to prison for a year for violating mine safety standards after the Upper Big Branch mine explosion in 2010, which killed 29 miners. Blankenship has maintained he didn't do anything illegal and was targeted for political reasons. He ran in the Republican Senate primary in West Virginia in 2018, cutting ads calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell "Cocaine Mitch." McConnell ended up turning this into a joke and selling Cocaine Mitch-themed T-shirts.

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