Soon students will be heading back to Idaho State University, Brigham Young University-Idaho, and the College of Eastern Idaho, but are they prepared to handle life out on their own? Wherever your child is headed, they leave the comfort of your protective wings for new adventures.

HOUSTON — The images of children crying after their parents were arrested in a massive immigration raid in Mississippi revived a longstanding complaint: Unauthorized workers are jailed or deported, while the managers and business owners who profit from their labor often go unprosecuted.

U.S. health officials are making a new attempt at adding graphic images to cigarette packets to discourage Americans from lighting up. If successful, it would be the first change to U.S. cigarette warnings in 35 years.

Proud Source Water, a naturally alkaline spring water bottled at the source in Mackay, ID has been selected as the exclusive aluminum bottled water provider for the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, August 9th-11th. The eco-friendly water provider will play a …

When temperatures rise — so do tempers, crime, and power bills. Mix a few of those together and you get a nasty brew of scammers posing as the local power company. In fact, Better Business Bureau has received multiple reports of scammers calling residents and businesses claiming to be power …

Hang up the phone. If you’re trying to call a travel company’s customer service number you found via search engine, read on before dialing. The Better Business Bureau has just learned about a network of scammers using Expedia Group’s name to take consumers for thousands of dollars.

BEIJING — Two months after U.S.-Chinese talks aimed at ending a tariff war broke down, both sides are trying to temper hopes for a breakthrough when negotiations resume Tuesday on an array of disputes that has grown to include tension over China's tech giant Huawei.

WASHINGTON — America's much-maligned health care system is covering 9 out of 10 people, a fact that hasn't stopped the 2020 presidential candidates from refighting battles about how to provide coverage, from Bernie Sanders' call for replacing private insurance with a government plan to Presi…

The woodsy community of Wolcott, Conn., doesn’t see a lot of crime. But when the police chief heard about an opportunity to distribute doorbell cameras to some homes, he didn’t hesitate.

A few swabs inside the cheek can unfold mysteries of the pasts and a glimpse into the future. Those tiny bits of tissue, with an individual’s DNA equation, can reveal ancestors, history, current relatives, even possible future health risks. But like Pandora’s box, the key to that information…

WASHINGTON — Equifax has agreed to pay $700 million, potentially more, to settle with the federal authorities and states over its 2017 data breach that exposed the Social Security numbers and other private information of nearly 150 million people, roughly half of the U.S. population.

Scammers trying to get your personal information may not be new, but con artists are always re-working their jam, looking for ways to make them harder to spot.

For thousands of college graduates in Idaho, making student loan payments will soon become reality. A reality that can feel like a huge financial burden.

CLEVELAND — State and local governments suing over the toll of a nationwide opioid crisis agree that companies in the drug industry should be held accountable, but they have differences on who should have the power to strike any settlement, and how it should work.

“How do I stop them?” “My phone just won’t stop ringing.” These are the phrases many of us utter daily. Robocalls are so frustrating, but it does look like some relief may be in sight. The Federal Communications Commission has approved new rules that would make it easier for telecom giants t…

LE BOURGET, France — The chief salesman for Airbus says his company already has the technology to fly passenger planes without pilots at all — and is working on winning over regulators and travelers to the idea.

PHOENIX — Rising trade tensions between the U.S. and China have sparked worries about the 17 exotic-sounding rare earth minerals needed for high-tech products like robotics, drones and electric cars.