LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas couple is turning the concept of covered wagons that pioneers once used to journey west into a luxury experience for campers who want to enjoy nature without sacrificing the comforts of electricity and spacious beds.

Tax Day has come and gone. While you can breathe a little easier as you check that off your to-do list. But before you file all those papers away for the year, there’s one more date to take note of in April. Mark your calendar for Saturday, Better Business Bureau’s Secure Your ID Day. This d…

With more TV streaming services than ever before, from newcomers like Disney Plus to stalwarts like Netflix, consumers may feel the ideal viewing experience is finally at hand.

With homes values up and new houses being built all over eastern Idaho many are deciding whether it’s time to sell their home or even build a new house.

NEW YORK — Pinterest, among the gaggle of tech companies hoping to go public this year, set a conservative price range Monday for its initial public offering. It hopes to raise as much as $1.5 billion in its initial offering of shares.

We’ve all been there. Moving day. Packing your belongings into a tower of cardboard boxes then loading them up only to be unloaded at a new location. It is a daunting task. What could make that day worse? Showing up to your new home, ready to move in and realizing you’ve been scammed.

Fashion designer Seth Aaron Henderson — the two-time winner of the reality TV show “Project Runway,” whose designs have made red carpet appearances, draping stars such as Lady Gaga, Grace Jones, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry — has brought his talents to Idaho Falls.

HAGERMAN — In a greenhouse south of Hagerman, millions of insects inhabit cardboard “cricket condos” and thrive in a geothermally heated room. They feast on powdery food and lay hundreds of eggs a day. But their final destination could be your kitchen pantry — in the form of a protein bar, p…

It can be alarming when working on your computer and a box pops up claiming your IP address has been compromised. The Better Business Bureau has seen an increasing number of these cons reported to

We all survived the Facebook and Instagram apocalypse, as it was called. While Facebook denies this outage was due to a cyber-attack, the social media giant has suffered data breach attacks in the past. Which poses the question, how confident are you that your information on social media is …

MoFi, formerly the Montana and Idaho Community Development Corporation, is a Missoula-based nonprofit that provides loans to small businesses and helps growing businesses take advantage of tax credit opportunities. 

Grandparents hold a special place in all our hearts. They are the roots of the family tree, sharing stories and memories of the past. We often go to them for guidance and maybe a sweet treat every now and then. And while they often have the wisdom that we lack, they may also be in danger and…

Lost or missing documents can turn tax season into a giant headache, but they don’t have to stall you for long. Here are some common tax necessities that might go missing — and what a tax pro says you can do if they give you the slip.

The business of personal genetic testing kits is booming, with consumers able to learn about their ancestry and health risks at the cost of just a few hundred dollars. But should you be concerned about your privacy after taking one of the tests? The Better Business Bureau wants consumers to …

In a news release today, the Kroger Company announced that its Smith's Food & Drug Stores division will stop accepting Visa credit cards as a form of payment, beginning April 3. Smith's will continue to accept all other forms of payment.

Ammon Medical & Urgent Care (Ammon Urgent Care) is now a proud member of Bingham Healthcare. They are Ammon’s and Idaho Falls’ local walk-in clinic—the place to go for immediate care that does not require a trip to the emergency room*.

REXBURG — Teton Lanes, Rexburg’s oldest bowling alley, has closed its doors for good and its owners are selling everything from to bowling balls to bathroom sinks. Plans also call for the building to be demolished.

Zions Bank announced that Scott Horsley and Monte Peterson have been promoted, sharing responsibility for the oversight, direction and training of the bank’s agricultural relationship managers across Idaho.