High Performance Sports is changing hands from father to son. And, with that change, the business is moving to a new building as well. Owner Izac Hillam is relocating the company from its current space in Shelley to a new building in St. Anthony.

HPS, as the business is known, was founded in 1992. The company began by building after-market parts for snowmobiles and has since gone on to build UTV parts as well. HPS focuses specifically on crafting unique performance exhaust parts.

Part of the reason for the move was to be closer to the sand dunes and the mountains in Island Park, where the company tests its equipment.

“We can hit the sand dunes in 10 minutes and be back in a couple hours knowing what we need to do,” Hillam said. “We run the tests really hard to make sure that not only is (the part) performing right, but it is durable.”

After going to school for “business management, entrepreneurship and marketing,” Hillam returned to his father’s business, where he’s worked since he was a teen.

“I’ve worked in the family business my entire life; it was pretty much all I knew how to do,” Hillam said. “And this was an avenue to apply what I’d learned to a business that I’ve been in my whole life.”

Another reason for the move was Hillam’s desire for more space. The new building is 40 percent larger than the old one. By buying multiple lots and a scalable building, Hillam plans to slowly increase the size of the business.

“Before I was kind of more country, more rural. And so I didn’t have the utilities I needed, and I was kind of limited in terms of what I could do growth-wise,” Hillam said. “So this new location will allow me to grow and change and implement from here on.”

He hopes that growth will include hiring more employees and bringing in more equipment.

Another perk of the new St. Anthony location is its proximity to Brigham Young University-Idaho, from which Hillam hopes to take on student interns.

More information on teamhps.com.