An Idaho Falls’ family business will appear on the television show “Start Up USA.” Featuring Oswald Service & Repair, the episode will premiere at 11:30 a.m. Sunday on the Idaho PBS World Channel. Idaho Public Broadcasting will air the episode in January.

Oswald Service & Repair is a third-generation, family-owned auto repair business owned by Kevin and Renae Oswald. Though not technically a startup, after hearing that the Oswalds expanded their family’s business from a leased two-bay shop to two independent shops with six bays in Idaho Falls and Rexburg, the show’s producer decided she was interested.

“The show liked the family aspect and were impressed that we are making ten times what we were the first year we took over,” Renae said.

Start Up USA is a show that explores small businesses from across the United States, listening to their owners’ personal stories and finding out what it took for their businesses to be successful.

The producer reached out to Renae after finding her podcast, East Idaho Entrepreneurs. Thinking Renae must be familiar with local businesses, the show’s producer, Jenny Feterovich, contacted her.

“Jenny called me and said, ‘Hey do you know of some businesses that we can visit?’ and I’m like, ‘Have I got a deal for you,’” Renae said. “So, we pitched our business, and they were like, ‘We would love to tell your story.’”

The Start Up USA crew came to Idaho Falls to film the Oswalds in May. The family shut down their Rexburg branch for one day of filming. Kevin’s son, who hopes to take over the business one day, and father were there as well.

“So of our four-generation family business, we had three generations there,” Renae said.

Renae has since had the show’s host, Gary Bredow, on her podcast as a guest. At her suggestion, the show filmed an episode on another Idaho Falls company, DIVINIA Water as well.

Renae said the whole family is looking forward to the premiere.

“I think we were just really pleased to represent East Idaho, Idaho Falls and Rexburg and privileged to get to do that,” she said. “We’re just humbled and grateful that we have this opportunity.”

Idaho PBS World channel can be found on digital (antenna) 10.4 or Sparklight 046.

Oswald Service & Repair is located at 725 Yellowstone Ave. in Idaho Falls. It is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Its website is

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